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COVID 19 – Arrangements for Services

This is how we believe the Scottish Government’s rules and guidelines, supplemented by those issued by the Scottish Episcopal Church, apply to our worship.  Please follow these out of respect to each other and the wider community.  Please also follow the directions of the minister taking the service as they will be aware of the latest guidance issued by the Scottish Episcopal Church.  Be certain to advise the priest-in-charge if you plan to attend any service.

  • Usual social distancing of 2m applies. Complying with this, there are a limited number of separate places in the church buildings for individuals or household groups. The Coigach Community Hall is somewhat less restricted in this respect.
  • Because capacity is limited, you must let the priest-in-charge know in advance by email or telephone if you are planning to attend a service. Additional services will be provided where necessary and possible.
  • Even if you have booked, please do not come if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been asked to self-isolate.
  • Names and contact details of those attending will be retained for 3 weeks for purposes of the Government’s ‘Track & Trace’ procedures and will then be destroyed.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser at the door when you arrive.
  • Please remember to adhere to the usual social distancing requirements, especially before and after the service. It is helpful if you can go to your seat quickly to allow others to enter and avoid moving around the building as much as possible.
  • In general, seats will be filled starting with those furthest from the door to avoid unnecessary passing to and fro.
  • Face coverings must be worn throughout, unless you are exempt, but may be removed if you are reading or leading intercessions, so people can hear, and then replaced. (Clergy therefore do not wear a face covering for much of the service.)
  • The service will follow the usual liturgy. Sharing of booklets is discouraged so individual service booklets will be provided. Please take this away with you at the end. It is helpful, and saves paper, if you keep it and bring it with you each time but spares will always be available.
  • Readers will be provided with the readings on a sheet of paper to avoid sharing a Bible or Lectionary. Reading or leading intercessions should generally be done from your seat to avoid unnecessary movement although the lectern may be used in St Mary’s, Ullapool.
  • At the sharing of the Peace, please stay at your seat and acknowledge one another appropriately.
  • The collection plate will be near the door in which to place any gifts as you enter, if you wish. The offering will not be brought forward during the service.
  • Communion will be received as the bread only (a full and valid way of receiving Communion). The Priest will wear a mask during the distribution and will drop the wafer into your hands. One household group will come forward to receive at a time and should be allowed to return to their seats before others move forward.
  • No singing is permitted as yet, but we will have music as part of our worship.
  • We are not allowed to offer refreshments after the service at this stage.
  • The heating will be on but be aware that it may be cooler than usual as good ventilation is recommended.
  • The buildings will be disinfected between services, in most cases by the use of a fogging machine.